Golf fitness screenings

MGIC's Golf Fitness Screenings were originally developed to help elite golfers improve their physical condition for golf. Our custom process identifies your unique physical parameters, including strengths and weaknesses, flexibility and mobility, control and stability, as well as potential risk areas. With this information, we tailor an individual, golf-specific training program targeting the most important areas to improve your golf.


Why get a screening?

All golfers, from elite golfers in national and state institute of sport programs, to club golfers of all levels and ages, can benefit from getting a Golf Fitness Screening. We'll help you get fit for golf, stay fit for golf, and play golf longer.
A Golf Fitness Screening involves video analysis of postural and musculoskeletal imbalances, as well as a series of functional movement tests that identify issues of flexibility, strength, sequencing, and stability throughout the body. The tests and exercises, which assess key areas that are important to a golfer, have been specifically designed with the help of some of Australia’s best golf professionals and therapists. 



Your take-aways

With this information, we start to develop a comprehensive picture of how your body works: what works well, and what needs improvement.

You can then be confident that your exercise program is individualised to your needs, whether it’s simple daily exercises to look after your back, a warm-up routine before you tee-off, or a more advanced strength and conditioning program at the gym. If you’re going to spend time doing exercises, make sure they’re the right ones for you!