Golf fitness classes


Golf fitness classes

45 minutes, 1 instructor to maximum 5 participants

Our golf fitness classes have been designed to introduce participants to some fundamental principles of golf fitness, as well as teaching and guiding them through some of the latest strength and conditioning techniques used by elite level golfers.

The main objective of our classes is to help golfers improve their flexibility, postural awareness, balance, and overall strength and condition for golf. 



Classes are only ever in small groups with a maximum of 5 participants, and can be easily scaled to ensure they are appropriate for all levels of fitness.

Our experienced golf physiotherapists will be able to guide you on your golf fitness journey and challenge you to improve your flexibility, strength, postural control, balance, and coordination, as well as help you learn new motor patterns that are critical for executing an effective and efficient golf swing.

We'll help you get fit for golf, stay fit for golf, and play golf longer!